Garden Art

Personally a collection of garden gnomes is not my idea of garden art but if it’s your thing I say go for it!  Garden art is another way to bring our own personalities outside. And collecting “stuff” from the large to the small is fun. I personally love broken and rusty stuff – and have collected a lot of it. Creating little vignettes in open spots between plants adds a little touch of “oh look at that!” and provides textural contrast with the greenery.

Some you can collect, some you can buy and some you can make … just keep your artful eye open.


Corinthian bells

Other than the sound of water in your garden there is nothing more soothing than the sound of bells. Corinthian bells are wonderful! Note that the longer the chime the deeper the sound. The real Corinthian bells are durable and will last for years. There are many knock offs so caveat emptor.

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Wind spinners

The air is rarely still in the high desert and a wind spinner will most always be moving. From colorful to copper, from high end art to affordable pieces wind spinners are easy to find. Make it even better and find one that twirls and spins. Linked is the one I have.

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Here are some of the pieces that I have collected over the years

Practical advice from a home gardener

I am Deborah Valiquet – artist and obsessive gardener. Here you will find my advice for creating a garden oasis in the high desert. I’ll share my experiences – successes and failures over the last 10+ years. 

Even if your garden isn’t in the high desert you will find lots of valuable information here. Let’s dig in!