Plant Index

While this index is by no means inclusive, I have included trees, vines, shrubs, annuals and perennials that I have tested in my high desert garden. 

If you are curious about a specific plant please use the search bar and if it is included it will show you links to find information.


These are plants that due to their showiness and reliability form the backbone of my garden beds. I would encourage you to find a place in your design for these special plants.

Practical advice from a home gardener

I am Deborah Valiquet – artist and obsessive gardener. Here you will find my advice for creating a garden oasis in the high desert. I’ll share my experiences – successes and failures over the last 10+ years. 

Even if your garden isn’t in the high desert you will find lots of valuable information here. Let’s dig in!


Desert Purple Sage

Mexican Primrose


Black eyed Susans


Obedient Plant

Shasta Daisy


Caryopteris, Blue Knight


Red Yucca




Russian Sage

Texas Sage

Wild Flowers – California Native Plants

When winter rains are plentiful the wildflower display in the spring can be breath taking. Such was the winter of 2022 and flowers that you never knew were there popped up in the spring to put on a show.

Many of these wildflowers can be grown in your own garden. Please be aware that germination of wildflower seeds can be challenging. They are much more finnicky in their requirements than perennial and especially annual seeds. Many can be started indoors over the winter or scattered in the desert. Be patient!


Mojave Aster